The OSPAs, Perpetuity Research and TECAs run a series of free Thought Leadership webinars to address current security issues following the coronavirus pandemic.

A number of world-renowned speakers come together to debate issues affecting the security industry in a series of sessions. Registration links for future sessions can be found below.

Upcoming Webinars and Events

Thursday 13th October at 15:30 BST

An Interview with Ex-offender Frank Portinari: a gun runner for terrorists

While it is well known that in order to operate terrorists need weapons, what is less well known and much less discussed is how they get them. 

In this interview, Frank Portinari explains how he developed from being a football hooligan, to involvement in right wing extremism, to supplying guns to loyalist paramilitaries entering the world of terrorism and assassinations and eventually prison. It is a compelling tale which offers important insights for how we understand the route people take into terrorist activities and how we might think about curtailing it.

Thursday 27th October at 15:30 BST

The Opportunities and Limits of Body Worn Cameras?

Body worn cameras have been widely heralded by the security sector for generating a range of benefits, not least the fact they provide evidence to support interactions preventing – or at least reducing the chances – of frivolous claims of malpractice. They have also been welcomed for giving the security personnel who use them confidence in tricky situations. Yet, others have viewed them as an intrusion on people’s privacy, some have said that customers in some settings have complained about being watched. In some cases the quality of the footage has been questioned and there is a concern they can be abused. So what is the potential for body worn cameras? 

This webinar will discuss:
• The value of body worn cameras in different contexts
• The negative aspects of these cameras and how these can be managed
• The potential and future of body worn cameras in a security context

Dave Cox – Head of Security, London Bridge City
Chris Middleton Chartered – (CSyP), Dip ML, MSyl – Security and Client Services Director, ABM UK

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