The OSPAs, Perpetuity Research and TECAs run a series of free Thought Leadership webinars to address current security issues following the coronavirus pandemic.

A number of world-renowned speakers come together to debate issues affecting the security industry in a series of sessions. Registration links for future sessions can be found below.

Upcoming Webinars and Events

Thursday 13th April at 15:30 BST

Cyber Crime: The cyber security implications of physical security products

The notion that there are physical security products and, separately, digital security products belongs in a museum. These days, all electronic physical security products are cyber ones too. And while that generates enormous advantages, it also has limits; for starters it creates security weaknesses. Research around the Internet of Things (IoT) has illustrated the benefits and drawbacks while highlighting that there are big knowledge gaps that offenders are exploiting.  But how common are these gaps? How serious are they? Where can we look for remedies?

This webinar will discuss:
• Common vulnerabilities in networked security products and how to remediate them 
• The key developments in protecting physical security products from digital weaknesses
• The future including the role for manufacturers and governments

Thursday 27th April at 15:30 BST

How are you measuring EDI against business performance? What are the real benefits?

There is a wealth of understandable enthusiasm for promoting ED&I in business, morally, ethically and also, and for business this is important, commercially too.  The question is, how strong is the evidence that ED&I is good for business? Where does that come from and what does it suggest? Then there are the practical ways of measuring it, how can this be done meaningfully? Can we trust organisations to say they are following ED&I? How would we know if they were or were not?

This webinar will discuss:
• What is the evidence base linking good ED&I practice to improved commercial performance?
• How can good ED&I practice be measured?
• How can we trust the measurements, or should we do so? 

Sarah Cork – EDI Chair, The City Security Council
Sarah Hayes – HR Director, Securitas Security Services (UK) Ltd
V Wilkes – Global Head of Security, Primark

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