The OSPAs, Perpetuity Research and TECAs run a series of free Thought Leadership webinars to address current security issues following the coronavirus pandemic.

A number of world-renowned speakers come together to debate issues affecting the security industry in a series of sessions. Registration links for future sessions can be found below.

Upcoming Webinars and Events

Thursday 22nd June at 15:30 BST

Robots: a security opportunity or a security threat?

organised in collaboration with School of Criminal Justice, University of South Africa

There are well established advantages to using robots in security roles. For example, they can independently perform programmed tasks with minimal human oversight, including conducting routine patrols and doing so cost effectively, more productively than humans since they don’t get tired or bored, and work more safely in hazardous environments. But they can lead to job losses, the initial investment can be substantial, and then there are the privacy threats. Research has shown that industrial robots can be hacked to steal trade secrets, damage equipment, cause bodily harm and corrupt processes. So where does this leave us?

This webinar will discuss:
What are is the potential for using robots in security work? 
How can the downsides be best managed? 
Are robots a threat to humans? 

Andrew Sheldon – Editor, Smart Security Solutions
Prof Shandré Kim Jansen van Rensburg – Lecturer, University of South Africa
Dr Craig Donald – Director of Advanced Development Applications, Leaderware; Adjunct Associate Professor, Edith Cowan University, Perth; Australia Associate of Super Recognisers International, UK

Thursday 6th July at 15:30 BST

Tackling healthcare fraud: the uncontrollable beast or the example of good practice? 

Healthcare fraud is a massive problem, the scale of which is only best guessed at, the FBI estimates ‘tens of billions of dollars’, are lost annually in the US, in England alone the government estimates well over a £1 billion was lost last year. The word ‘fraud’ in fact disguises a wide range of criminal acts that vary greatly involving staff (sometimes working with third parties) including GPs and other professionals, contractors, patients and others. The losers are the public. Meanwhile, state sector resources around the world are limited while there is a burgeoning private sector that is often marginalised. So what can we do? What are the key challenges and how are they being approached? What is the role of the private sector and is it being appropriately engaged for the public good? 

This webinar will discuss:
The threat posed by the different dimensions of healthcare fraud
The vulnerabilities and how they are being responded to
The opportunities in the private sector and how to maximise them for public benefit

Alex Rothwell – CEO, NHS Counter Fraud Authority
Louis Saccoccio – CEO, National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association
Nicole McLaughlin – Counter Fraud Specialist, Guy’s and St Thomas’​ NHS Foundation Trust

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