21/07/2023 Taking sustainability seriously: how common is ‘greenwashing’ and what can we do?

06/07/2023 Tackling healthcare fraud: the uncontrollable beast or the example of good practice?

22/05/2023 Robots: a security opportunity or a security threat?

01/05/2023 Pride and the security sector – Celebrating our LGBTQ+ Employees

25/05/2023 How great are the security threats in Smart Cities? Are they a catastrophe in waiting?

11/05/2023 Crime against wildlife: what is being done and it is working?

27/04/2023 How are you measuring EDI against business performance? What are the real benefits?

13/04/2023 Cyber Crime: The cyber security implications of physical security products

30/03/2023 Falling victim to fraudsters: how do you stop it and what do you do if victimised?

16/03/2023 Food Protection: the ultimate security challenge?

09/02/2023 Whistleblowing: what are the benefits and the dangers for the whistle-blower?

12/01/2023 Business Improvement Districts: are they examples of security shining or security failing?

12/01/2023 Managing security suppliers: what are the key factors to optimising performance?

10/11/2022 Security Excellence: what can cyber professionals learn from physical security experts and vice versa?

10/11/2022 The Effective Management of Security Incidents: is security maximising its potential?

13/10/2022 The opportunities and limits of Body Worn Cameras?

13/10/2022 An Interview with Ex-offender Frank Portinari: a gun runner for terrorists

22/09/2022 Security Qualifications and Certifications: where do we look for credibility?

08/09/2022 Ransomware and Security: what can we do?

30/06/2022 HR and Finance: do they support or undermine security?

23/06/2022 Pride in Security – Why inclusivity matters and the role of Allies

16/06/2022 The implications of the Russia/Ukraine war on the private security sector

09/06/2022 Protecting luxury goods: is security winning?

31/05/2022 What is the true cost of economic crime?

26/05/2022 How else can security contribute to preparing for the worst?

12/05/2022 Procuring Security: what should guide security buying practices?

04/05/2022 Nigeria OSPAs webinar: Thinking about the security sector in Nigeria, what are its strengths and challenges?

28/04/2022 Is Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) still fit for purpose?

21/04/2022 Does the professional thief and organised criminal have a safe haven in committing economic crimes?

31/03/2022 Attracting teenagers to security work: how is the sector doing?

24/03/2022 Security management in Canada: what are the strengths and weaknesses?

17/03/2022 Artificial Intelligence: a security essential or a dangerous ‘big brother’?

10/03/2022 Horizon scanning: how good are we at predicting the future?

03/03/2022 Influencing opinion to improve perceptions of the security sector: what should we do?

17/02/2022 Mentoring, does it work? Is the security sector good at it?

10/02/2022 When is political violence a business problem?

03/02/2022 Fraudulent degrees and qualifications: the problem and potential remedies

28/01/2022 Do we really care about Young Security Professionals?

20/01/2022 Making the protection of the public a legal obligation: a good idea or tried and failed before?

13/01/2022 Diversity: what about the disabled and the LGBT community?

06/01/2022 The role of auditors in tackling fraud: how we can get the best from our teams

08/12/2021 Learning from New Zealand: The opportunities and challenges for security

02/12/2021 Security and journalism: is the industry getting the reporting that it deserves?

25/11/2021 The Big Issues Impacting on Security: What Now, What Next?

18/11/2021 Thinking about security in Ireland: what have been the enablers of good security?

11/11/2021 What we can learn about security from areas that have been less affected by the pandemic: the case of Scandinavia

04/11/2021 Assessing the competence of security officers: What needs to change?

21/10/2021 Why are financial crimes such a low priority and what should we do?

14/10/2021 Responding to aggressive people: the implications for the security sector

07/10/2021 Effective incident reporting: the missing gem in the good security toolbox?

22/09/2021 New Research Report Published: The Mandatory Reporting of Fraud: Finding Solutions and Sharing Best Practice

16/09/2021 Benelux OSPAs and Thought Leadership Webinar

02/08/2021 Giving victims the right to meet those who offended against them (reparation schemes): a good idea or a flawed concept?

26/08/2021 Kenya OSPAs and Thought Leadership Webinar

19/08/2021 What the security implications of cryptocurrency and are they being managed?

12/08/2021 Thinking about security as a science: how developed is the body of knowledge?

05/08/2021 What is meant by ‘profit protection’? And is anyone really doing it?

29/07/2021 The CISO perspective on protecting the critical infrastructure against increasing cyber attacks

22/07/2021 Celebrating the role of the security officer: what next?

15/07/2021 Ransomware: who is being targeted, and should you pay the ransom?

8/07/2021 Is fraud purely an opportunistic crime?

30/06/2021 Has the pandemic produced a new type of security or are things just the same? Examining the case of Nigeria

22/06/2021 Thinking about security training: too much emphasis on the security officer/guard and not enough on the manager/director?

17/06/2021 Who are the beneficiaries of a thriving security sector beyond clients?

15/06/2021 Inspiring diversity and inclusion in security: what needs to improve, and how?

10/06/2021 The challenges posed by responding to radicalisation: where are we?

08/06/2021 Should the reporting of fraud be made compulsory?

03/06/2021 The South Africa OSPAs and Thought Leadership Webinar

1/06/2021 Security manufacturers: the signals to a changing security landscape

27/05/2021 Our Image of Security: What are the best bits?

25/05/2021 The Insider Threat: how serious is staff dishonesty and what do we do about it?

20/05/2021 The phenomenal challenge posed by counterfeiting: what are we going to do?

18/05/2021 The Victim’s Story: what is it like to be a victim of financial crime, and how might we better respond?

13/05/2021 The CSO or the CISO: which is best placed in the corporate hierarchy?

11/05/2021 Money laundering reporting – how effective is it?

05/05/2021 Drones and security: balancing the threat with the opportunity

04/05/2021 How competent are security officers? And why does it matter?

29/04/2021 What does a diverse workforce look like? How is the security sector faring up?

27/04/2021 The benefits and pitfalls of security accreditations: Do they serve security professionals well?

22/04/2021 Security and the supply chain: is full resilience restored?

20/04/2021 Sexism and Security: what should we be doing?

15/04/2021 Thinking again about Convergence: is the problem the people rather than the technology?

13/04/2021 Security and Sustainability

08/04/2021 What will the return to work look like? What are the implications for security?

06/04/2021 Protecting the national infrastructure: are we sure we have not been distracted?

01/04/2021 The role of security in protecting employees when out and about

30/03/2021 Agile security and anticipating the unknown: how good is the technology and what are its limits?

25/03/2021 An interview with two former career criminals on ‘why security doesn’t work’

24/03/2021 The Dark Net, offenders’ idea of paradise? What are the implications for security?

18/03/2021 The move to a cashless society; the societal and security implications

16/03/2021 Managing the impact of suicide: colleagues, clients and society

11/03/2021 Tackling modern slavery: whose responsibility is it?

09/03/2021 The role of security consultancy: thinking about the ‘new normal’

04/03/2021 The status of corporate security directors: has the pandemic changed perceptions of the leaders of security?

03/03/2021 Challenges in aviation security: How will it emerge from a sequence of crises?

23/02/2021 Digital identities: how secure are they?

18/02/2021 Responding to the growing problem of corruption: why are we not doing better?

16/02/2021 Mindfulness and its potential to drive security performance: what are the opportunities and drawbacks

11/02/2021 Managing staff travel: what are the security implications in this ‘new normal’?

09/02/2021 In security we can’t find suitable security talent from diverse backgrounds: Exposing the illogical

04/02/2021 The role of the GSOC: what are the limitations and the opportunities?

02/02/2021 Managing the mental health of frontline workers; how well is the security sector doing?

28/01/2021 Learning from South East Asia: what does the ‘new normal’ look like?

26/01/2021 The state of the security sector in Russia: understanding its role in a post Covid-19 world

21/01/2021 Events, what events? How will security shows and exhibitions evolve in 2021?

19/01/2021 Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM); the Holy Grail or a concept found wanting?

17/12/2020 Reflecting on 2020: what have been the security success stories and what have been the security fail

15/12/2020 The German OSPAs and Thought Leadership Webinar

10/12/2020 Looking after the victims: are they still the forgotten people in the criminal justice system?

08/12/2020 The Kenya OSPAs – Learning the lessons from of Covid-19 around the world: assessing the implications for Kenya

03/12/2020 ‘Hit them where it hurts’: The problem of making offenders pay for their crimes

01/12/2020 Tackling fraud: what is the proper balance between public sector and private sector input?

26/11/2020 The risk of public disorder: where is the dealing with the virus leading us?

17/11/2020 Raising security awareness: what does security have to shout about? And how does it do that?

19/11/2020 The challenges of delivering security services across domains/areas during Covid-19

12/11/2020 The Future Direction of Security in Healthcare

10/11/2020 What is in a name: can we solve the confusion in the language of security job titles?

05/11/2020 What now for security recruitment: what is the role and who is being sought after post Covid-19?

04/11/2020 Security Research Initiative (SRI) Report Launch – Understanding influences on security as a career choice

29/10/2020 The relationship between crisis management and security: how closely are they aligned now?

03/11/2020 Rethinking the role of frontline security staff: an opportunity to present a new image?

27/10/2020 The challenges of achieving consistency and standardisation in global security operations

22/10/2020 Public sector retirees who then join the security industry: how best can they be integrated into modern security?

20/10/2020 What is in a name: security officer or security guard?

15/10/2020 Keeping businesses going: how central / marginal is security to core business activity?

13/10/2020 Investigation: a murky world or one of hidden gems?

08/10/2020 Secured by Design: an outdated concept or still core to good security practice?

06/10/2020 Remote networks: Why working from home continues to test the CISO

01/10/2020 Thinking about the role of regulators: what is going right and what is going wrong?

29/09/2020 Debating the implications of Covid-19 on the future of security in the Benelux: where are the opportunities and the traps?

24/09/2020 The role of security in Scandinavia: what are the implications for security in the ‘new’ normal?

22/09/2020 The role of security in Eastern Europe: what are the implications for security in the ‘new’ normal?

17/09/2020 Have existing physical access controls systems effectively supported COVID-19 return to office efforts?

15/09/2020 The role of security in the Healthcare sector during Covid-19

10/09/2020 Disruptions in the supply chain: what are the (security/other) problems, and where can we look for solutions?

08/09/2020 Are private military companies part of the private security sector? Why are they different or are they?

03/09/2020 The role of security associations: a failed resource or a fundamental vehicle for a better security sector?

01/09/2020 Security in Asia: What does the new normal look like?

28/08/2020 The Impact of Covid-19 in Nigeria: what has been the impact and the security response?

27/08/2020 The security sector and the harms caused by Covid-19: What have we learned so far?

25/08/2020 Examining the value of data driven intelligence in security operations: influential or overstated?

20/08/2020 When things go wrong: being honest about technology

18/08/2020 Are financial criminals running amok because of Covid-19? How should we be responding?

13/08/2020 Maximising the potential of big data and protecting people’s privacy: the challenges for the security sector

11/08/2020 Mental health, well-being and the security sector: how it manages its staff and how it responds to others

08/08/2020 The India OSPAs and BW Security World Thought Leadership Summit

06/08/2020 ‘It is all about cybercrime now’: is this true and what role then for the (non cyber) security sector?

04/08/2020 Dealing with violence in a Covid-19 environment: what are the implications for security?

30/07/2020 The role of security installers and integrators in a post Covid-19 world: what next?

28/07/2020 Protecting high rise buildings: what changes post Covid-19 and can they be safe?

28/07/2020 How is the Kenya security sector meeting the challenge of Covid-19? What are the lessons learnt and where does it and the regulator go from here?

23/07/2020 What is the role of the State in supporting the Private Security Sector? An active supporter or neutral independence?

21/07/2020 Climate change and security: unrest, the carbon footprint and the security response

16/07/2020 Covid-19, where to now for private security in South Africa?

14/07/2020 Thinking about Innovation in security and crime prevention: where can we look and what can we find?

09/07/2020 Developing skillsets in the security sector: do security professionals know how competent they need to be?

07/07/2020 What should we expect from security leaders? Are they good enough?

02/07/2020 If policing is too important to be left to the police alone, what is the role of private security?

30/06/2020 Technologies helping security tackle infectious diseases: can technology help people get back to work?

25/06/2020 The Offenders’ Perspective: “How we would commit crimes in this crisis”

23/06/2020 How essential is security? Rethinking perceptions of security on the back of the Covid-19 experience

18/06/2020 Making security technologies work: The scope and limits of Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Facial Recognition

16/06/2020 The Role and Job Complexity of Modern Security Officers; are current changes an enhancement or an impediment?

11/06/2020 Resuming effective business operations post Covid-19: What role changes for security and business continuity management (if any)?

09/06/2020 Security officers post Covid-19: an enhanced role or more of the same?

04/06/2020 Security in High Risk Environments: What Are the Challenges and Opportunities of Operating Responsibly?

02/06/2020 Rethinking security education and training post Covid-19: What changes do we want and what can we expect?

28/05/2020 Contemplating worst case scenarios: How equipped is security to deliver?

26/05/2020 Just how valued, and how valuable is security? What can we expect post Covid-19?

21/05/2020 Would you want a career in security now? What has Covid-19 been doing to the future talent pool?

19/05/2020 Planning for the New Normal: Positioning security teams to contribute strategic value

14/05/2020 What next for corporate security? What are the implications of Covid-19?

12/05/2020 Responding to fraud and economic crime: where can we look for good practice post Covid-19?

07/05/2020 Protecting public spaces: what are the implications of Covid-19?

05/05/2020 What next for manned guarding? What are the implications of Covid-19?

30/04/2020 Patterns of fraud, cyber and economic crimes during the crisis: what do we do now?

28/04/2020 Why is the security sector being ignored by governments (or is it?)

23/04/2020 How are technologies helping and hindering security?

22/04/2020 Private security industry and Covid19 – experiences in India

21/04/2020 Security in the news: what impressions are we getting?

16/04/2020 Protecting the public: is security really playing a meaningful role?

14/04/2020 Rethinking the role of women in security: where do we go from here?

09/04/2020 What are the most recent crime trends and what are the implications for security?

07/04/2020 What does remote working mean for security?

02/04/2020 Is security delivering (or failing) in this crisis?

31/03/2020 What are the security implications of national lockdowns?