If policing is too important to be left to the police alone, what is the role of private security?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Dave Dodge – Enterprise Security Risk Management, Business Continuity and Resilience Specialist (South Africa)Steven Gardner – Head of Security at OCS Group (UK)Chris Phillips – Managing Director at IPPSO (UK)Prof. Philip Stenning – Adjunct Professor at Griffith Criminology Institute Griffith University (Australia) Key points Dave Dodge set the context of crime and… Read the full article.

Technologies helping security tackle infectious diseases: can technology help people get back to work?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Mark Schreiber CPP CPD – President, Principal Consultant at Safeguards Consulting (US)Dan Rothrock – President of Security & Safety, Americas at Zenitel (US)Tommy Hansen – Security Advisor, Board Member at ASIS NorwayLeonard Ong – Group CISO at Fullerton Health (Singapore) Key points Mark Schreiber makes the point that as the virus is… Read the full article.

How essential is security? Rethinking perceptions of security on the back of the Covid-19 experience

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Bryan de Caires – CEO at Australian Security Industry Association (Australia) Michael Gips – Principal at Global Insights in Professional Security (US) Geoff Zeidler – Board member, BSIA (UK) Key points Bryan de Caires notes that while security has often been undervalued in the past it can be satisfied with how it has responded… Read the full article.

Making security technologies work: The scope and limits of Artificial Intelligence and Automatic Facial Recognition

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Pauline Norstrom – CEO at Anekanta Consulting (UK)Mohammad Rashid Khan – CEO at Calipsa (UK)Jake Parker – Senior Director of Government Relations at Security Industry Association (US)Nick Fisher – CEO at FaceWatch (UK) Key points Nick Fisher sets the scene of the pre Covid-19 environment: crime was on increase against a background of,… Read the full article.

The Role and Job Complexity of Modern Security Officers; are current changes an enhancement or an impediment?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Sandi Davies – Executive Director at International Foundation for Protection Officers (USA)Joop Verdonk – Managing Director at European Security Academy (Netherlands)David Ward – CEO at Ward Security (UK)Joachim Ritter – Chairman at Interr (Switzerland) Key points David Ward makes the point that security officers are adaptable people, and given the right training and… Read the full article.

Resuming effective business operations post Covid-19: What role changes for security and business continuity management (if any)?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Rinske Geerlings, 2019 OSPA Finalist, Founder and Principal Consultant at Business as Usual (Australia)Stephen Ssendikaddiwa, whose roles have included Head of Strategy, Head of Risk and Director of IT Business Automation, Central Bank of UgandaShannon Sedgwick, Senior Managing Director, Ankura (Australia)Glenn Schoen, CEO at Boardroom@Crisis BV (Netherlands) Key points Shannon Sedgwick notes… Read the full article.

Security Officers post Covid-19: An enhanced role or more of the same?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Mike Bluestone, Director of Security Consulting, Corps Security (UK)Cy Oatridge, CEO/President, Oatridge Security Group (US)Garry Evanson, Head of Security and Emergency Planning, Westminster Abbey (UK)Jon Sigurd Jacobsen, Owner of SOS Event Security Ltd (Norway) Key points Garry Evanson questions whether there has been a growing recognition of security officers during the crisis…. Read the full article.

Security in High Risk Environments: What Are the Challenges and Opportunities of Operating Responsibly?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Jamie Williamson, Executive Director of The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers’ Association (ICoCA) (Switzerland)Sean McMurtry, Security Risk Manager; Security, Crisis Response & Social Conflict Expert (Kenya)Charles Oloo, Chapter Secretary General of ASIS Kenya Michael Center, Security Adviser (Belgium) Key points The panel discuss some of the real-life challenges facing… Read the full article.

Rethinking security education and training post Covid-19: What changes do we want and what can we expect?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Prof Alison Wakefield, Professor at University of West London and Chairman at Security Institute (UK)Dr. Glen Kitteringham, Research Criminologist and President of Kitteringham Security Group Inc. (Canada)Kevin Peterson, Principal Consultant-Partner at Innovative Protection Solutions, LLC (US)Terry Hanley, Director of Security at Interserve Service Operations Key points Glen Kitteringham starts by making a… Read the full article.