Herausragendes In-House Sicherheitsteam (Outstanding In-House Security Team)


Deutschland, Berlin. Date: 11.11.2015 OSPAs Galaabend in der "Kalkscheune" Berlin Mitte. Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2015.

It was such a big thing to win against the quality of the opposition, my reaction when I heard was just wow. For me and my team it is an incredibly positive signal that we are an outstanding team of people, it is a visual sign we are doing a good job”

What the Judges said:

“Perfect change management process”

Herausragender Objekt- und Werkschutz (Outstanding Security Guarding Company)

ARNDT Sicherheit und Service GmbH & Co. KG


We are all very proud that we have won the OSPAs, especially for our team it is such a great motivation. Our goal is to have motivated, qualified and skilled employees – thats why we have our own sports team, called Team ARNDT (www.team-arndt.de) which is one of the best Triathlon Teams in Germany and why we are all working together as one team.

This year, we are proud to celebrate our 90th birthday – our company was founded in 1925. Today, we are a traditional company with many innovations and about 1250 employees in Germany. Winning an OSPA shows us, that we are going the right way.”

Florian Lechner, Assistant Manager

What the Judges said:

“This is the best practicing company on the market”

Visit their website: www.arndt-gruppe.de

Herausragender Sicherheitsberater (Outstanding Security Consultant)

Sachverständigenbüro Personenschutz

What the Judges said:

“A very informative representation of the skills, engagement and successes of the consultant. Very impressive!”

Herausragende Initiative im Kundenservice (Outstanding Customer Service Initiative)

SIGNUM Consulting GmbH


SIGNUM Consulting offers customers their services in Pre-Employment Screening (SIGNUM Consulting provides neutral and independent assistance during your personnel selection process), Pre-Business Screening (They obtain relevant business information as part of our Pre-Business Screening, before entering a contractual relationship), Anti-Fraud Investigations (Assist in countering data misuse, transport losses, trademark counterfeiting and detecting corruption signals) and Security and Risk Assessments.

“We are very proud of this award. Particularly with regard to the category Outstanding Customer Service Initiative that confirmed and rewarded our strategy of high quality, creativity and reliability” – Mr. Eckhard Neumann, Managing Director

What the Judges said:

“Great, innovative presentation”

Visit their website: www.signum-consult.com/ 

Herausragende Initiative für Sicherheitsschulungen (Outstanding Security Training Initiative)


Herausragender Errichter für Sicherheitstechnik (Outstanding Security Installer)

Deutsche Telekom AG

What the judges said:

“Offers new solutions with social media”

Herausragende Sicherheitspartnerschaft (Outstanding Security Partnership)

Sicherheitsforum Baden-Württemberg

What the Judges said:

“A partnership that offers useful information and consultancy for SMEs”

Visit their website: www.sicherheitsforum-bw.de

Herausragender Ermittler (Outstanding Investigator)

Eveline Wippermann, Detektei Holler

What the Judges said:

“Outstanding successes are described”

“Very interesting and good examples”

Besonderes Lebenswerk (Lifetime Achievement Award)

Jörg Ziercke, Präsident des Bundeskriminalamtes a. D.

Jörg Ziercke is the former President of the Federal Criminal Police Office (Bundeskriminalamt/BKA). 

I am really pleased to get outstanding recognition for 47 years service, not just for me but my colleagues in the office and for the times in the past when I struck up good contacts with the private security sector”

To read about his career and achievement, please click here.

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