The pandemic and crime rates: Insights from criminologists

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Greg Breetzke – Professor at University of Pretoria (South Africa)Nick Tilley – Professor at UCL (UK)Andy Newton – Professor at Nottingham Trent University (UK) Key points Andy Newton notes that there are major lessons to be learnt from the pandemic experience and he focusses on a topic that becomes a significant reference… Read the full article.

Fraud challenges in the public sector: in what ways are these changing and how effective is the response?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Marc McAuley – Head of Counter Fraud Operations at Chartered Institute of Public Finance and AccountancyHelen Peters – Fraud & Investigations Manager at Cheshire West and Chester CouncilCapt. Praveen Dahiya – Founder & Managing Director at InQuest Advisories Pvt Ltd Key points Marc McAuley noted that the nature of fraud has been… Read the full article.

Thinking about security training: too much emphasis on the security officer/guard and not enough on the manager/director?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Dr. Glen Kitteringham – Research Criminologist and President of Kitteringham Security Group Inc.Dennis Shepp, CPP – Security Management ProfessionalKevin Palacios – Ecuador Security and IFPO Latin America Key points Dennis Shepp notes that there is an unquestionable bias of regulators towards security officers/guards, and away from any grade above that, especially managers…. Read the full article.

The challenges posed by responding to radicalisation: where are we?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Ashton Kingdon – PhD Candidate at University of SouthamptonTochukwu Omenma – Senior Lecturer at University of Nigeria NsukkaKumar Ramakrishna – Head of International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies Key points Ashton Kingdon is currently conducting interdisciplinary research (including criminology, history and computer science)… Read the full article.

Should the reporting of fraud be made compulsory?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Mike Haley – Chief Executive Officer at CifasDr David Shepherd – Senior Lecturer in Economic Crime at University of PortsmouthLee Fitzgerald – Director at Fraud Advisory Panel Key points Mike Haley traces the history of UK fraud reporting back to the Fraud Review in 2006 and notes how the combined recommendations of… Read the full article.

The South Africa OSPAs and Thought Leadership Webinar

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Tony Botes – Ingulule Consulting and Security Association of South AfricaDoraval Govender PhD., SOE, F.I.S – Department of Criminology and Security Science at UNISA and ASIS International South AfricaJohan Du Plooy – Roarr-Advisory (Pty) Ltd. and ASIS International South AfricaAndre Du Venage – Secure Logistics and Transport Asset Protection Association Award Presenters:Dave… Read the full article.

Our Image of Security: What are the best bits?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Matthew Bull – Editor at International Security Journal and Security Journal UKPeter Harrison – Managing Director at FGH Security LtdRod Cowan – Writer & Director at Security is Your Business Key points Matthew Bull accepts that security has an image problem. The national press is interested in failures and not successes which… Read the full article.