Just how valued, and valuable is security? What can we expect post Covid-19?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Paul Macarthur, Director of SGC Security Services (UK)Mark Schreiber, President, Principal Consultant at Safeguards Consulting, Inc. (US)Heimo Grasser, Chief Awareness Strategist at SAME and Regional Head of Security at Medtronic (Norway)Brian Allen, Cyber Advisory / Strategy & Transformation Services at EY, Author and Academic Lecturer (US) Key points Brian Allen argues that… Read the full article.

Would you want a career in security now? What has Covid-19 been doing to the future talent pool?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Richard Stanley, Head of UK Security at PwC (UK) Mike Hurst, Director at HJA Consult (UK)David Scott, Managing Director at Skills for Security (UK)Iskandar Jefferies, Director Key Accounts at Noonan Bidvest, ASIS UK Board Director (UK) Key points Richard Stanley, who started off as a security officer and is now a head of… Read the full article.

Planning for the New Normal: Positioning security teams to contribute strategic value

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Dan Sauvageau, SVP & Chief Security Officer, Fidelity Investments (USA) Glenn Farrant, CEO & Founder at CriticalArc (USA) Les Allan, Director of Safety, Security and Logistics at Heriot-Watt Univeristy (UK)Esther Hoban, Programme Manager, Estates and Facilities, Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) Key points Dan Sauvageau set the context buy making some important points: for years security has… Read the full article.

What next for corporate security? What are the implications of Covid-19?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Bob Hayes, Managing Director, Security Executive Council (US)Martin Dunckley, Director of Security at Royal Mail (UK)Glenn Schoen, CEO at Boardroom@Crisis BV (Netherlands)Jayne King, Head of Security and Site Services at Guy’s & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust (UK) Key points Martin Dunckley outlines his views on the impact of the virus from… Read the full article.

Responding to fraud and economic crime: Where can we look for good practice post Covid-19?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Mike Haley, Chief Executive Officer at CIFAs (UK)Marc McAuley, Head of Counter Fraud Operations at Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (UK)Claire Jenkins, Forensic Accountant at Companies House (UK)David Clarke, Director, Head of Integrity and Multilingual CDD at Guildhawk and Chairman at Fraud Advisory Panel (UK) Key points In this webinar… Read the full article.

Protecting public spaces: what are the implications of Covid-19?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Kevin Bingham, Council Member of International Union of Architects (South Africa)Natalie Mossin, Head of Institute, Institute of Architecture and Technology, KADK (Denmark)Thomas Vonier, President, International Union of Architects (France)Emiel Blanckaert, Head of Security, FPC Antwerp at Securitas (Belgium) Key points raised This webinar incorporated the views of architects and designers who certainly offered… Read the full article.

What next for manned guarding? What are the implications of Covid-19?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Jason Towse, MD Soft Services, Mitie (UK)Dr. Nicholas Le Saux PhD, CPP, Managing Partner at Atao consulting and European Advisory Council Chairman, ASIS International (France)Sean Goldrick, Director Strategic Partnerships at Southern Cross Protection (Australia) Graeme Hughes, Managing Director, Innovise Software Ltd (UK) Key points The future of manned guarding will be different. These panellists highlight… Read the full article.

Patterns of fraud, cyber and economic crimes during the crisis: what do we do now?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Mick Creedon QPM – Strategic Adviser, Altia-ABM (UK)Neil Redfern – Founder and Managing Director, Redfern Retail Risk (Australia)Katy Worobec – Managing Director Economic Crime, UK Finance (UK)Dr. Peter Schimmel – Senior Fraud Specialist (Netherlands) Key points raised Peter Schimmel states that we have a ‘perfect storm’. Few are discussing the risks that… Read the full article.

Why is the security sector being ignored by Governments during this emergency (or is it)?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Neill Catton – Managing Director at CIS Security (UK)Sandi Davies – Executive Director at International Foundation for Protection Officers (USA)Dr. Declan Garrett – Director of Security Institute Ireland (Ireland)Dr. Glen Kitteringham – Security Consultant and Research Criminologist (Canada) Key points from the webinar A theme running through the webinars has been the… Read the full article.

How are technologies helping and hindering security?

Chair: Martin Gill Panellists:Mike Bluestone (UK) – Director of Security Consulting, Corps SecurityChris Cubbage (Australia) – Director and Executive Editor, My Security Media Pty LtdMark Folmer (Canada) – Vice President, TrackTik Monica Verma (Norway) – Board Member, CSA Norway and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)  Key points In this engaging webinar you will witness discussions about the… Read the full article.