The 2017 OSPAs calendar of events has already begun, we started off the year with the inaugural UK OSPAs, hosted by TV personality and author Nick Ross. It was a great success, and we look forward to next year’s event. This year we are announcing the collaboration with another country, which will be hosted in the new year.

A few quotes from the UK OSPAs,

A great night. A great success.

Graham Bassett, Vice Chair, ASIS

It was a very interesting evening, well supported and a worthy purpose that promotes the profession.

Stuart Osborne, BAE Systems

Brilliant night at the UK OSPAs, just what the security industry needs. Well done.

Paul Smith, Consultant

I wouldn’t miss this adventure for anything.

Martin Smith, MBE, Security Company International

Dates of the next OSPAs

Norway – 20th September 2017

U.S.A – 27th September 2017

Australia – 19th October 2017

Germany – 9th November 2017

Romania – 10th November 2017

U.K – March 2018

*New country – 2018

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